Our Philosophy

In its purest form, “the goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” - John F Kennedy

The time and energy saved through efficient learning can then be spent on applying ones newly acquired knowledge for the betterment and enjoyment of life for all people. - Jeff Ausfeld (Founder)

Everybody can see what you're presenting. Even the ones that are too cool for school in the back row.
Black Board Notes
Why is everybody copying down their own set of notes? Let Poly take the notes while you focus on the lesson.
In-Meeting Social
Chat with each other, if enabled, privately if you like or even ask an e-question without making it a big deal.
All the tools to capture an entire lecture. Absorb the lesson instead of taking notes.
Meetings without a notebook. Brainstorm and never miss an idea or action item again.
Connect with your attendees. All of them, even cool ones in the back row.
Room View
To get started, let everyone know where you are seated. The room layout changes to your perspective.
Intuitive Icon Menu
Switch between the various features using the menu at the bottom.
Presentation Mode
Displays PowerPoint, Word, Pdf, Excel, and many other types of files on any device.
Hide Away Menus
The active screen is maximized by auto hiding the menus. Tap the arrow to bring them up.
Built-in Chat
Ask questions to the presenter without interrupting the presentation. Privately if you like.
Private Sub-Chat Groups
Comment about the presentation in a private group. Nobody outside the group will know what was written.
Upload files to present, or share, or both
Many Sources
We know apple does not want you to save or share anything. Select files from Dropbox, Drive, and many other locations.
$ 3000 USD
Presentations / Meeting Minutes
Room / Building Management
Access Point / Wifi Roaming
File Sharing / Storage
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